Summer Scented Perfumes

Spring & Summer Scented Perfumes: What to Smell

Are you on the hunt for good spring scented perfumes or summer scented perfumes? Not sure what type of scents or smells to look for? Well, one thing you can never go wrong with warm-weather perfumes is by going for floral and light woodsy scents.

The best spring scented perfumes will always be based on sweet-smelling spring flowers and sometimes with a light woodsy base aroma. This is because spring is and always will be associated with the birth of new flower buds and that woodsy scent that lingers after a spring rain. If you are looking for hot spring scented perfumes, go for ones with a woodsy base, such as a sandalwood base and spring scented perfumes that build on that base scent with florals like the sweet-smelling hyacinth and intoxicating jasmines.

The most popular summer scented perfumes will mirror spring scents in that they will include floral scents, but gone are those woodsy undertones. That's because in summer the idea is to go light and airy with bursts of bright scents. So the best summer scented perfumes swap out the earthy sandalwood and similar wood-based scents for more citrus bases.