Shipping & Returns

Returns of Products/ Payments

All payments will be refunded (excluding delivery costs and additional costs) within 14 days after the receipt of purchase. We may, however, refrain from returning any payments until we have received the returned products or you have demonstrated the return of the products, whichever is the earlier.

Please store all documents related to the return carefully until you have received confirmation on the return of products from us.

Payments will be returned using the same payment method you have used in the original transaction. No additional costs will be charged.

If you wish to exchange the item for something else, you will be liable for all return / exchange shipping costs. La Moit honours a 7-day return and exchange policy.

Special Arrangement

A 50% handling fee will be charged for cancelled requests on special import orders (products not listed in our catalogue).

In the case of a parcel getting sent back to us because it could not be delivered or the delivery address was incorrect, it will incur an additional delivery fee when it gets re-delivered. Please be sure that the delivery address is correct, and do not hesitate to contact us if there is any mistake(s) in the address.