Duration of scent

The scent of our perfume last for approximately 4 hours, but we recommend reapplying during the day. 


LA MOIT's body perfume consists of a list of FDA approved ingredients and has been proven by an SGS lab test to be able to provide 99.9% antibacterial protection even after 48 hours. Enhanced by benzalkonium chloride and 75% alcohol content — two antibacterial components blended to simplify your hygiene and self-care routine. Shield your wellness to keep away from germs and bacteria.

Where to apply

Our fragrances combine the functionality of a body perfume with the antibacterial nature of sanitizing spray, can be used wherever you want it most – body, clothes, household or all, without leaving stains behind. The scent of ethyl-alcohol has been diluted with food-grade corn-based ethanol so the perfumes maintain their intended fragrances. Our collection is proved non-Irritant to skin in accordance with UN GHS No Category.