Perfume Box Sets

Buying Perfume Box Sets

As they say, the best things often come in small packages -- and, well, that is certainly true when we're talking about perfumes and body scents. The best perfumes are often packaged in delicate little bottles and, when released, emit a tantalizing scent that both please the wearer and those that they come across. Of course, with something so pleasing as our birch and vanilla body perfumes, you don't want to buy just one. So don't! Get instead perfume box sets.

Perfume box sets can come in two different ways. First, you can choose to pack in your favorite scent, getting six, twelve, or more of the exact item you love most, such as the very popular birch and vanilla body perfumes. But what if you don't have a favorite, or you want to shop around and test other types of perfumes? That is when you go for the mixed perfume box sets. With mixed perfume box sets, you get to pick multiple scents and then you get to try out each to see if you will get a new favorite or if an old favorite will reign supreme.

Mixed perfume box sets are also a great choice if you like to do what we call layering scents. Layering scents is when you use two or more different types of perfumes, such as mixing vanilla and birch body perfumes or taking one and adding a more subtle scent over it. Note, however, mixing body perfumes can go both very well and very poorly if you pick scents that poorly contrast each other or use too much so as to be overwhelming. Take care and go slow.