Citrus Floral Perfumes

Knowing the Citrus Floral Perfumes

Citrus floral perfumes will never go out of style -- especially when it comes to warm-weather scented perfumes. Purifying citrus perfumes are best characterized by having fresh and zesty scent notes that relate to citrus fruits that are used in the making of purifying citrus floral perfumes.

The most well-known (and thus the most well-used) citrus scents for perfumes are lemons, grapefruit, and clementine. Secondary popular plants and fruits used for purifying citrus perfumes include bergamot, verbena, and lemongrass. Yes, citrus floral perfumes do not have to be based just on citrus fruits as plants like lemongrass can provide those same zesty notes.

Perhaps our most popular of our citrus floral perfumes is A Little Walk. A little walk has a strong citrus top note of lemon paired with peach, which really gives this purifying citrus floral perfumes a southern as well as a summer scent. However, while the zesty scent of citrus and the sweet scent of peach are the top and most notable scents of this citrus floral scent, they are not the base notes. For the base notes of this and other citrus floral perfumes in our line, we use patchouli.

Patchouli is a strong-scented bushy herb that is probably best known for being associated with hippies but, when used in small amounts as a base it provides the perfect background for zesty citrus floral scents. This herb in our perfumes offers a mildly sweet and minty scent with just the right touch of earthiness. This earthiness mixed with the sweet scents of lemon and peach make the A Little Walk perfume the ideal choice for spring and summer. Plus, added notes of musk and rose work together to give it that finishing fresh touch.