Anti Bacterial Body Perfume

The Power of Base Scents in La Moit's After Bathe Purifying Spray & Anti Bacterial Body Perfume

In today's world, there is a lot of emphasis on sight and sound with people becoming increasingly obsessed with their screened devices and booming home systems. In fact, such trends have undoubtedly accelerated due to stay-at-home orders and recommendations that have come because of the coronavirus pandemic. But just because our society has become increasingly focused on sight and sound doesn't mean that those are the only senses that matter. Just as important is the sense of scent, and here at La Moit we are focused on using the most powerful base scents in our after bath purifying spray and anti bacterial body perfume to help you take full advantage of that sense.

Our anti bacterial body perfume and after bath purifying spray utilizes a sandalwood blend with vetiver as its base. Sandalwood has a sweet and woodsy scent and its usage dates back thousands of years, with ancient civilizations around the world making use of it. Ancient Hindus ground sandalwood chips into a paste that could be burned in order to create a serene air environment while ancient Egyptians use the aromatic wood as part of their funeral rituals and Romans believed it to be an aphrodisiac. Today, we use sandalwood as a base of our after bath purifying spray because its timeless and powerful scent relaxes and rejuvenates.

In addition to sandalwood, our anti bacterial body perfume and after bath purifying spray also includes vetiver as a base scent. Vetiver is a plant related to lemongrass that, similar to sandalwood, has been ground--up and used for its scent-related benefits for thousands of years. Its scent has been known to ease one's mind and awaken desire. This anti bacterial body perfume is perfect for when you just get out of the shower and are preparing for an active and adventurous day. Or you might also spritz it on after a long bath even if you just plan on lounging around the house, enjoying this scent for your own.