Our Story

LÀ MOIT is a brand dedicated to creating a multifunctional perfume that offers a kind of pleasure best described as ‘sensational’. We pride ourselves on being environmentally friendly, by ensuring that our products are 100% cruelty-free and vegan.


With the concept of seeking balance in life, our bottles incorporate a half-clear-half-frosted design, reflecting the goods and bads in life. With a design that creates more visibility on the clear section than the frosted piece, it has become our attitude to create a brighter side of lives.


2020 had been a difficult year, many of us experience loneliness, isolation, and insecurity. As the pandemic continued to take its toll on our community, with many of us adhering to social distancing guidelines, I was left with plenty of ‘me time’ – to focus on my own needs and wellbeing.

While I was walking home one day, I was intrigued by an earthy balsamic aroma full of dynamics, it was refreshing, energetic, and it calmed my mind and wiped away the negative feelings I had. With no luck in finding similar scents in perfumes and candles, I created my own – LÀ MOIT was born. Even under a critical time being, we are still able to adjust our attitude and create our own “happy place” against all odds.