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Antibacterial Body Perfume

FDA & SGS-Approved 

99.9% Antibacterial effective for 48 hours

Non-Irritant to Skin

Kickstarting a new trend of antibacterial Eau de toilette, LA MOIT's range of fragrances are suitable for all in today's increasingly anxiety-ridden, hygiene-oriented world.

With a half-frosted and half-glossy bottle design, containing calming odors and antibacterial function, La Moit brings wellness, ease and comfort collectively to the community.

The concept of LA MOIT began from a simple idea: the idea that everyone in the world has been through hard times and fought their own inner battles

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After Bathe brings on a smooth powdery-like aroma. The silky mixture of Ylang Ylang and Rose de Mai evoking a pure sense of cleanliness and comfort. 

Cuddle her all night and embrace her airy aroma of a gentle balsamic scent after washing off the day.

Amble in the orchard. A Little Walk brings you a delightful freshness of floral scent layered with citrus as placed in Spring. 

Wander along the blooming grounds, taste the fruity vibe with rubbed rose petals before the sun slips away. 


Calm Birch takes on an earthy wood note that subtly blends with Birch and finished up with warm Musk and Ambergris. Leaving yourself an aroma of autumn air in the maples scenery.

Nap on the autumn lawn and feel the warmest harmony of birch and musk, with your loved one under the purple sky.

Customer Reviews




The tracking link provided by la moit was wrong. They later claimed that the parcel is signed and delivered to me. I did not received any parcel and no way I can track my parcel as the link provided is wrong. I requested for a refund but they did not reply to my message since then! Very disappointed!!

Apple Fu



Love the spirit of perfume and the lovely smell!


Hong Kong


Sweet-smelling scent, love the spirit of perfume and also excellent customer service!




Love the packaging and scents!